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'before tears take over'

LIVE 'what we want'

IN CONCERT 18-10-2024

Zeijn 2

18-10-2024 om 20.15-22.15 uur


Zeijn 2 reprise

18-10-2024 - 20.15-22.15 uur | Vestzaktheater

De singer-songwriter beschrijft zijn muziek als ‘engelstalige soulvolle ballads met een jazzy randje’

Na zijn succesvolle optreden op 30 maart j.l. komt Patrick (zang en gitaren) met zijn band in oktober terug met: ‘zeijn 2’

Een programma vol muziek, korte verhalen en verrassende arrangementen met gastmuzikanten van niveau.

Dit alles in een betoverende sfeer. 

Laat je meevoeren door het verhaal en melancholische klanken en onderga de verbinding die alles de moeite waard maakt.

Met medewerking van Stephan Van Erp (drums), Erik Verhoef (gitaren), Addy Toatubun (bas) en Ben van der Velden (mondharmonica), Kein Guldenaar (saxofoon)

singer-songwriter on Cort jazz guitar and Godin G thousand

pop - jazz - neo soul

A trio with Addy ToaTubun on upright bass and rhythm section John Maasakkers or Stephan van Erp. Featuring Erik Verhoef on guitar when avalaible.


'What We Want' a souful inspiring song about beiing true to yourself


'Roaring Fire' a pop ballad with a beautiful Cello and Bass  comforting each other in this Roaring Fire that burned down everything to the ground.

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Press Kit

Singer-songwriter Patrick Meis discovered his love for music at an early age and started playing the guitar at the age of 16. Shortly after that he started writing his own songs. 

With ‘Acquintance’ (2006), his first CD, he reached a bigger audiance. The sound can be discribed as the right mix between pop and jazz which was established by the close collaboration between Patrick and the jazz formation Captain Hook from Amsterdam with the great Iman Spaargaren as driving force. It was a new fase in which he played in different formations mostly in small clubs or acoustic in livingroom settings. 

Patrick always looks for the balance between his work as a photographer / short filmmaker and making music. For him these two passions are complementary and they are the foundations in his life. 

In the year 2013 Patrick started a sequense of concerts with the name ‘State of Mind’ based on featuring very promising young singer-songwriters who were his guests. Patrick was host and interviewer. It became a steady part of the program in ‘de Oude Rechtbank’ in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. A few names that performed in his show are: Emil Landman, Lavalu, Baer Traa, Maame Jones, Bart de Win and Sara Bonne. 

Now Patrick is focussing on his own musical development as a songwriter, the release of a new album and playing in livingrooms. 

Patrick:’ I want to keep sharing my music in different ways. Playing live is something special and i consider it as a privilige to be able to do that. 

At the same time I want to connect with producers and artists to offer them my compositions and I hope they can do something important with it. Already a few versions of the song ‘Echo of my name’ exist in different styles. 

love is the key that can open all doors so that music can flow freely like the wind. PM 

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